PostHeaderIcon Included With Every Package of Easy DIY Websites

  • With each package you will receive a web site that you can add as many pages as you need. This will include a Contact page which has been configured so that you will receive an email directly to your inbox of your choice if someone enquires or wishes to contact you through your web site.

  • Whilst you will receive an email, you will notice that your email address is not shown. This will stop the Spammers in their tracks! You will not be flooded with rubbish email from your web site.

  • In each area of the Content Management System there are tips to help you on your way. These can be turned on or off.

  • Easily insert an image gallery in any of the pages you wish.

  • Edit the actual web pages live so that you can see how your new page will look.

  • Easily upload graphics, images & media to your website for insertion on the web pages.

  • Many templates are available to use and more being added all the time. Change the look and feel of your website easily and quickly. Request a revised website template to suit your requirements.

  • A sitemap is produced automatically so that the search engines can find and index your web pages easily.

  • Full control of each of your web pages meta tags for good search engine optimisation.

  • New web pages you build are not published until you are ready and 'click the button' - these 'work in progress' pages can still be viewed though as if they were 'live' pages so that you can see how they will look in an internet browser.

  • Sort your main navigation menu buttons by simply dragging and dropping to your desired positions.

  • Lifetime upgrades and access to new templates as and when they become available. This happens automatically for you.

  • Should you get into difficulty, our support ticket function is only a click away.

  • Each website has a massive 100mb of disk space allocated to it. Should you need more, that can also be accomodated.

  • Your website submitted to the major search engines by us.

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