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I have no technical skills, can I really create a website?
If you can write an email then you have all the technical skills you need to create an Easy DIY Website. The comprehensive Easy DIY Website training videos that take you through everything step by step are available. Also, all the sections in your CMS (Content Management System) have their own tooltips. In the unlikely event that you still get stuck, then there's free unlimited support via our Support Desk.
How long does it take to get a website?
Your account setup, CMS and website creation is done almost immediately following payment. It could take upto 48 hours to actually see your website whilst the nameservers for your new domain or existing domain propagate throughout the internet. It is though generally a lot quicker than this.
The theme I want isn't available in the colour or style I want, can you do anything?
Yes. Please submit an email with your website template requirements.
Will my site be on the search engines?
Once you have completed your website, email us and we will submit it to the major search engines on your behalf, free of charge.
Who owns my domain name?
Unlike some other companies, Easy DIY Websites registers your requested domain name in your own name.
My Question isn't answered here or on the website.
No problem, please email us with your question and we will get back to you and update this website very quickly.